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SEO For Local Businesses In Coventry

Have you ever heard of SEO? Let alone wondered why your business just doesn’t show up on Google, whilst running your business in Coventry?  Have you been let down by earthly promises to promote your website to the dizzy heights of top spot in Google?  Have you been left totally confused about Google advertising, aka Pay Per Click?

If you have answered YES to any of the above, then let our dedicated team assist your business climb higher in the Google search results.  SEO in Coventry allows us to take local businesses forward in the Coventry & Warwickshire area.

Not many people have heard of SEO, let alone what it stands for.  SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation.  In simple english this means fine tuning your website so the search engines like you and start to rank your business accordingly.  So, if you need you website to climb higher up the Google hit parade, look no further.

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There are many elements which Google take into account when ranking websites,  of course the majority of these are a highly guarded SEO secrets.  If every web owner knew what the search engines were up to they would all implent these SEO measures.  In the early days of Google many web entrepenuers used such tactics,  over doing one strategy,  claiming top spot before Google realised.  The giant search engine responded with changing its formula (aka alogrithm) and sent these websites in to the black hole.

Making SEO work in Coventry

In February 2011, Google launched a SEO algorithm that aimed to filter those sites with low quality content. The sites hard hit by this new SEO algorithm created content just for the search engines in order to rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc,  while ignoring the user experience and resourcefulness of the content. This new development meant that ranking of a website would no longer be dominant on SEO alone but also the quality of the content on the site. Even authoritative sites with a large following were hit by this update the wrong way.

Google has updated the SEO algorithms several times since its launch in 2011. The aim is to catch those sites that escaped the penalty and rank those whose content is useful. A surge in SEO ranking for new websites and the social networking platforms was noted while other sites with lots of adverts dropped in ranking. The question is, “How do I avoid the Google SEO slap?”

SEO TIP1 – Relevant Content

Quality content cannot be overstated. Those sites that generated content just for traffic were the main target of the update. In order to ensure that your site is SEO friendly, then, there is need to ensure that you always publish unique and resourceful content that visitors will keep referring. This simple trick ensures that your site continues to rank higher in the search engine results page.

SEO TIP2 – Linking To Authoritative Sites

Backlinks can be a good thing for your site’s traffic and ranking but only when done the correct way because Google likes links. SEO linking also enhances the user experience on the site. There is a need to identify similar sites in your niche and include links to those sites on your website for your readers. However, it requires executing with caution to avoid penalties from Google.

SEO TIP3 – Over-Dependence On Backlinks

Most people believe that once they have used backlinks on their site, then, that is enough to generate the traffic to your site. That is not true. With a change in SEO algorithms, then you need to focus on relationship building and creating quality content. The site will eventually rank higher in search engines. Linking with no resourceful content for your readers has short-lived effect. Give your readers a reason to come return for information as opposed to optimizing just to improve the ranking of your site.

Use A Well-Balanced SEO Strategy

SEO is important for every site to rank higher. Most people will apply whichever technique in order to rank higher on the search engines. However, they focus too much on ranking and sacrifice the quality of their content.  Google’s Panda and Pengiun SEO algorithm,  changes often and soon your site might be affect by just one update.  This can cost you a lot. It is wise to identify what you are doing incorrectly to avoid any penalties. SEO therefore, has to be carefully planned,  and implemented as just one of the methods of marketing your site.