Leonardo Da Vinci

Was Leonardo Da Vinci The Best Artist Ever?…

Leonardo Da Vinci is widely considered as one of the greatest painters that ever existed.  The Italian Polymath also had other titles other that a painter.  He was an architect, a sculptor, an inventor, one of the best mathematicians that ever existed, an anatomist, cartographer and a writer.

Leonardo Da Vinci

It is believed that all these character traits made Leonardo Da Vinci the genius and the most respected figure in the art category. He has been described by other experts in the field as a superhuman who understands the mind of the common people, he fully displayed a message through his paintings and they were always understood.

He used methods that were empirical and unrealistic in his error and this interestingly made him become more famous.  Inspire of having other qualifications, his fame grew specifically because of the paintings that he made.

The quality of these paintings were undisputed and they are still utilized to this generation.

Due to the quality of most of these paintings, students are adopting the techniques and the ideas that Leonardo Da Vinci used to come up with similar items.

Leonardo Da Vinci Early Ventures

One of the greatest paintings that he made was the baptism of Christ and the Annunciations that took place.  In both cases, Leonardo Da Vinci decided to use the formal arrangement and the end result was a master piece. He decided to present the humanist form of Mary in the incarnation procedure. He had two paintings of the Annunciation and they were both perfect and intact.

He then discovered the composition concept and decided to venture in it. The composition of this painting was diversified and made it possible to draw a lot of messages. It was also one of the complex compositions that he settled on but this was made possible because of the knowledge that he had in anatomy and geology.

He made a painting of the two versions of ‘The Last Supper’ painting and was considered as the best pieces to be painted. It was also the most famous and gave him the opportunity of mentoring the new entrants in the painting field.

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Defining Leonardo Da Vinci

The Mona Lisa painting was also a boost to his career because of its uniqueness and the fact that it was easy to identify the concept of the painting. He perfectly understood the nature of color to use and utilized the perfect preservation techniques to ensure that the paintings stayed intact.

Leonardo Da Vinci also made the most eye catching sketches that were later on copied by the upcoming painters to come up with the perfect idea of painting. It is evident that despite of his high tech knowledge and skills in other field, Da Vinci did not ignore painting and he was and still is the best painters.


Picasso: The All Rounded Artist


Pablo Picasso was described as an influential painter in the 20th century.  The Spanish painter is also a sculptor and he is one of the co founders of the movement referred to as the Cubist that invented the sculpture.  He also achieved other great rewards including the mastery plastic arts development.

Picasso was therefore an all rounded painter that can sculpt, print make and come up with the most amazing ceramics.  He did not base his work on one point but always revolutionized and with this Pablo Picasso received awards as the most renowned painter. He was good at keeping tabs with the evolution of different techniques and theories and ideas in the world of art.

Picasso had the passion and skills of drawing from his early age and was able to build on this interest and made it a profession. Pablo Picasso was also a renowned professor in most art schools.

The expertise

Picasso had a privilege of perfecting his skills and expertise in painting from his father who was a commercial painter. He was able to perfect his basic skills and started off by making an array of landscape paintings and presented them in violet and green tones that were described as the non naturalistic tones in the 20th century. Picasso later on advanced and ventured in other aspects that made him famous in most parts of the world.

Here are some of the most popular works that Pablo Picasso introduced in the painting world:

  • The Picasso’s blue period

Picasso specifically painted women and children in a somber mood. These paintings were unique because of the blue and the blue green shades that were used. In this category he also made paintings of the less fortunate and most of these paintings acquired the highest ratings in the exhibitions.

  • Rose period

The period was more reformed, cheerful and lively.  Here,  Picasso decided to focus on the circus people including the acrobats and other funny characters. He decided to use more breezy colors like orange and pink. The characters were also painted with wonderful collection of roses.

  • The African influenced period

Pablo Picasso described this period as the modern art transformation and he was inspired by the African culture. He painted artifacts that were appealing to the eye and attracted lots of remarks whenever his work was presented in any of the art galleries.

Picasso Cubist period

Here Picasso decided to focus on the monochrome and brownish and the neutral colors. He also got the opportunity of relating with other experts in the painting fraternity to come up with the most unique pieces. The advantage of this period is that Picasso got the opportunity of learning new techniques that later on gave him the knowledge to come up with some of his best sculptures and oil paintings.

Picasso oil painting replica’s grace the walls and halls of hundreds across the globe,  another great artist which leaves the world adoring his masterpiece’s.

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh: An Artist Before His Time

Van Gogh was one of the best painters who appreciated form and color back in the days.  He was one of the best painters and was addressed as a post impressionist whose output included sunflowers, cafe terrace at night, wheat fields, portraits, self portraits, still lives, landscapes and cypresses.  Van Gogh  had the passion and talent that drove him to draw when he was still young. 

In addition, he was a hard worker and this was because of the copious artworks of drawings, sketches, prints, drawings, oil paintings and water colors that he had made over a short period of time.  He basically grew up embracing painting, since in his early age, he used to provide his services to a firm that dealt with art.

Vincent Van Gogh officially commenced his art work at an early age when he was still working as a missionary later on he quit and focused on painting. He later on built a strong foundation for his passion by travelling far and wide, throughout the different continents trying out new painting techniques whereby he ended up being the master of all paintings. He also became famous because of the unique presentations in most of the art exhibitions.

Vincent Van Gogh’s work

He was always an expert and did his work with fanaticism, his creations were realistic and they had a positive impact in the art galleries and other platforms.  So what did Van Gogh offer to his fans?

  • Flowers

Van Gogh Vincent did the most excellent paintings that were of different versions. He had the ability and the expertise to create sunflowers, roses and lilacs. The fact is that he used these paintings as a means of communication and the message was always brought in the correct manner. In his lifetime, he made two series of this kind and they were sought after by lovers of art.

Van Gogh

  • Portraits

Van Gogh thought of portraits as a means of identifying himself with the real world. He always had the ambition and urge of making the best and when this was accomplished he always felt satisfied and at ease.

  • Self portraits

In this category he was described as the self portraitist who was very prolific. The paintings were so profound and he created them in that they could be distinctly identified from each other. They varied in terms of their colors, intensity and self expressions. In deed Van Gogh’s portraits were always considered among the best in most of the art exhibitions.

  • Cypresses

This was also one of the areas that he specialized in and did the most tremendous arts that increased his eminence in the field.

  • Wheat fields

He also made the best excursions in this sector that were acclaimed by most of the people.

Van Gogh Leaves A Legacy

It is evident that till now, his work is still recognized and appreciated all over the world this is because of what he represented and the message that he drew across through his paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh died at a very young age of just 37,  but the world is a better place with his art which has been viewed and collected in its millions.  Much of ownership comes down to Van Gogh art reproductions as not everyone can afford the originals.

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